Havai'in is an online sales platform that is totally transparent to the organizers. At any time, you have the ability to view your recipes that are synchronized in real time and across all sales channels deployed.


Who can do the least? Created to meet the requirements of public accounting, the accounting documents provided by Havai'in guarantee complete traceability of all operations carried out with:

  • the sequentiality of all ticket numbers for each organizer,
  • traceability of all cancellations and refunds to customers (including the reason for the cancellation and the method of refund)

These reports are filterable (by date, event, window, payment method) and exportable in .csv format, allowing you to analyze the data, integrate them into your balance sheets and format them as you see fit.

Among the accounting exports available, find in particular :

  • The details of the operations
  • The number of tickets sold by counter
  • Total sales by counter
  • Receipts by product
  • Receipts per session
  • Daily summary of receipts
  • The details of wantoness
  • The details of cancellations
  • Daily summary of customer receipts
  • The clearing slip (check pointing)
  • The bank check slip